Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Most AWESOME Simple Pleasure This Morning!!!

Good Morning, All! I saw the most AWESOME Simple Pleasure this morning! Nikki and I were waiting for her bus to come and we saw some birds flying south for the winter! Not just a few, but HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them!! We could hear them chirping and they just kept coming and coming! They flew right over the top of us! They are such wonderful creatures. We watched as they flapped their little wings and then they would just glide for a second or two. And then they would flap their wings like crazy again and then just glide. It took a good five to 10 minutes for them to fly over us and it got to where it was just little straggly groups of them at the tail end. It was such a beautiful thing to see!
It's cold here. Actually, it's warmer than yesterday. 52 degrees at the moment and we are supposed to reach 55 today. It's very overcast and we've had some rain the past couple days off and on. I'm loving it.
Okay. Here are four new layouts. The kit I used is the December 2008 Mega Kit from SAS. It's a gorgeous kit. I love all the browns and creams and greens in it. Kind of a different kind of holiday kit. More country and woodsy and wintery than anything else. Check it out. I have used it to scrap some of our Christmas in Indy trip photos from several years ago. I love the way the pages are turning out.
These pics are from the return trip home. We got caught in the biggest storm they had had in years. We tried to get to St. Louis before it hit us but because we took a wrong turn on the freeway and traveled a half hour in the wrong direction - toward Chicago - and then had to come back, the storm hit us about an hour out of St. Louis. Interesting. Anyway, there was an ice storm along with it and everything was soooooo beautiful. But the roads were terrible. We stopped for the night in Oklahoma I think it was...and the next morning the car doors were frozen shut and so was the trunk. People were having to pour water over their locks and everything just to get the ice to melt enough to open everything. We just took our time that morning. The roads were so thick with ice that we didn't want to travel on them until it melted enough to make traveling safer. So we headed on over to The Crackerbarrel for a nice breakfast. They had Black Jack Gum in their little country store!! I was so excited to see it that I had to buy some. My Great Grandpa Mainwaring loved Black Jack Gum. He always shared it with us kids. But only half a piece. I remember that. Some of the gum I bought that day is still in my journal. Anyway, the pics are of when we were at the motel and at the restaurant.
Kodi outside the motel room.

Stephen and Kodi at The Crackerbarrel. I loved the ice on the trees in all of these photos. The wind was blowing and the branches and twigs would hit together making a little tinkling sound. And it was sooooooo cold!

Have a great day, Everyone! Look for the Simple Pleasures and enjoy them!!

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