Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday - Very Early Morning

Hi, Everyone! This week has gone by so fast! And Christmas is only three weeks away now. How exciting is that! I have been busy finishing up layouts for the CT work I do for Stone Accents Studio (SAS). Here they are:
These first layouts were done using Day Break by Booland Designs. You can get it at SAS. As always, have put the 12 x 12 and also the 8.5 x 11 sizes. Remember to click on the image if you want to see it up closer.

These next pages were made using Magical Winter by Monika Designs which you can also get at SAS.

The candle photo on the last two layouts was taken by Ian Britton at
Simple Pleasures for today - actually yesterday as it is now very early Friday morning:
  • It was a beautiful cool day.
  • Seeing leaves fall off the tree by the drive into our condo complex.
  • Being outside while waiting for Nikki's school bus to come.
  • Talking to my youngest son on the phone.
  • Drinking orange juice. Yum!!
  • Eating tacos for dinner - home cooked not Taco Bell!
  • Listening to Christmas music.
  • Leaving the tree lights on day and night. They make a perfect nightlight for the whole house.


I hope you all have a great Friday! My favorite day of the week!! And my Honey doesn't have to work today, which is rough for the paycheck but wonderful for extra time to spend together! Maybe we will make sweet rolls this weekend!! He's a great helper with projects like that.

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