Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another February Sunday!

Happy Sunday to All! I hope everyone has had a good day today. Church was great. Stephen gave his lesson in Priesthood and I went to the Family History class. Stressed out some so sat the RS hour in the foyer waiting for Stephen to get done teaching. It was a beautiful day weather wise. Cool and sunny with a mackeral sky - which means it will rain within 72 hours. Yay!!
We went out to Queen Creek Saturday to say our goodbyes to Chad and Heather and the kids. They will be heading up to Utah in the morning. We helped them load the trailer and it was nice to spend that time with them. It's so hard to see them go. I have loved having them so close for the past few months. Our family has made some happy memories while they have been here. I'm sure Stephen R. and Karma are going to miss them too. It was nice that they all lived so close in their neighborhood out there.
Here are my latest digiscrapbooking layouts. Hope you enjoy looking at them. These first three were made with Mamrotka's kit "Spring Garden". All the kits can be found in the SAS store. I also used the Commercial Use Template Kit by Cathy Cher and Ellen Massey on a lot of these layouts. They are fantastic templates and I loved using them.

This one was made with Mamrotka's "Be My Valentine" kit and her quick page for the January challenge at SAS.

These next two were made using "Joy Of A Garden" kit by Mitsybelle.

I used "Milady" and "A Victorian Christmas" kits by Monika Designs for this layout.

And this layout was made using the January 2009 Mega Kit from SAS, "Sugar and Spice".

Another layout using Mitsybelle's "Joy of a Garden" kit.

And another layout using the January 2009 Mega Kit from SAS.

The CAT scan on Stephen's back didn't show any injuries. Just some deterioration of the lower back due to age. So that was a relief to know that he is okay after falling off the ladder. He's doing a lot better than he was. I thought he would be hurting today after helping to load the trailer yesterday, but he did just fine. So that is good news.
Kodi got her new glasses this past week. She looks really cute with them.
And that's about it for this time. Not much happening here. Just the same old stuff. Everyone take care!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Things are good here at our house today. Just getting some layouts uploaded to all the websites and on my blog here. It's a beautiful day out. 72 degrees - almost to our predicted high of 76. Stephen is going to get a CAT scan on his back this afternoon to see if there is any damage to his spine from the fall off the ladder the other day. Then we'll know what kind of treatments he will need to get him all healed up and feeling better.
Here is a layout I did a while back. I don't think I uploaded it to my blog here yet. I thought it turned out pretty.

And now the latest! Kodi took the photos in these next few layouts while in Utah. I had to scrap them! The kit I used is Midnight Garden by Monika Designs at SAS.

This kit is Faeries Tranquility by Kristi Westling at SAS.

And this kit is Be My Valentine by Manrotka at SAS.

Beautiful kids!!! Grandma misses them all!
I hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another January Sunday!

Hi to All! It's another lovely January Sunday! Hope you have all had a nice day. It is gradually warming up some here. I have enjoyed the colder days though and I'm not looking forward to the warming up. Summer will come soon enough for that.
I have a bunch of new layouts that I have been working on the past couple weeks. I finally figured out how to use templates! It has opened up a whole new world of scrapbooking for me and I'm loving it - A LOT!! So here are some of my latest creations. Most are using templates.
These first four are using the kit "WoHoo. A Night Owl In Love" by Booland Designs. You can find her things on her website or at SAS.

Another kit by Boo - "High Clair". I really LOVE this kit. The colors are so beautiful.

These next four layouts were made using the "Josh Kit" and the coordinating mini kit by Digitreats.

And now on to a kit by Skrapper Digitals called "FUNdamentals".

A couple more layouts using Boo's kit "High Clair".

And finally, these two layouts were done using a kit by Monika Designs called "A Victorian Christmas". I loved using this kit too. It's rich in color and so elegant.

So that's my latest in scrapbooking.
Stephen fell off a ladder at work last Monday. He is hurting pretty good from it. We are still trying to get the workman's comp papers from his boss and when we get them we'll be heading to a doctor or chiropractor to see what he has done to himself. It isn't getting any better. And I'm concerned as to what this fall has done to his back.
And I'm still fighting my bug, too. The cough is hanging on and the wheezing comes and goes. So we are watching that close and I'm hoping it will all just go away without having to go to the doctor.
Kodi came home yesterday. It's so nice to have her home with us again. We have missed her.
And Frankie is still out at his trainer's. He's loving being out there and has started to lose some weight running around with all the other dogs she boards. We miss him, too, and will be glad when we get him home again, too.
Thought for today: "Life is not the way its supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference." Virginia Satir
Take time to enjoy all the wonderful simple pleasures around you!