Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Friday Night - Late!

It's cold here at my house! Not like where there is snow. But I figure when I feel this cold we should have some of that white stuff to be enjoying!! Doesn't seem fair to be so cold and not have any!

Here are some new layouts. The first few are made using the kit called Baby Genius Mega Kit by Sherrah Kraan at SAS. I love the bright colors. It's such a cheerful kit and has a lot of fun elements. These little girls are our 2008 babies in our family. Such precious cuties to add to our collection of grandchildren!

These next two are made using Boo's kit Snow In Love. It's full of sparkly things and pastel wintery papers.

I can't believe there are only five more days til Christmas. This year feels so strange to me. With Kodi in Utah and Stephen and I alone for the holidays it just isn't the same.
We went to Stephen's work party last night. It was really nice. They served us ham and turkey, baked beans, rolls, a veggie tray, chips and crackers and dips, lots of different beverages to choose from - no alcohol for which we were grateful - and several different desserts. We didn't get a bonus again this year. We didn't really think we would, but it would have been such a great blessing if we had gotten one. I guess Heavenly Father feels we are doing okay without it. And we are being blessed so I can't complain.
Well, gotta run. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Will have more layouts to show you next week. One thing about being on this CT - I post a lot more often than I did before!! LOL

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