Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Good Evening!! So much to show you tonight!! First.....Stephen found this HUGE Wheaties flake in his Wheaties! It's DOUBLED over. So it's actually twice the size you see here if it were all layed out flat and not doubled. So we had to get a few pics of this gigantic piece of cereal for the record.

And this is a normal size flake next to the huge one! Remember...the big one is doubled over!

And yesterday, the wind started to blow and we found faces in the clouds over our neighborhood! So I just had to take some pics of that.

Then the rain came. But the big story of this storm was the wind. We had a whirlwind in our entry way by our front door just swirling away in that little corner. It went way up to the second story of our building.

And after the rain...the beautiful sunset and the gorgeous clouds.

All of these photos, by the way, were taken with my little bitty camera! Neat, huh?

And then about noon today, the rain came again. And what a whopper of a storm we got!! They said we would only get about .25 to .50 inches of rain around the state. Well, Mesa...by 3 PM had gotten 1.18 inches and it was still coming in waves. I'll be very surprised if we didn't get 2 inches plus before the storm ended.

The beginning of the storm.

And it just kept on coming down!!

After the first wave of the storm ended, this is how our parking lot looked.

It has been an awesome but kind of scary day. We got about three waves of this storm and there were some pretty mean looking clouds out there. Some had rotation in them and there has been a lot of damage done because of the winds. We had a little bit of hail here at our house. I was hoping to take pics of it, but we didn't get enough to take pics of it. Kodi and I went outside during the storm to get our photos and we both got drenched. But it was worth it.
Hope you are all having a great evening!!