Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Our Aniversary Today!

Wow! 42 years today! And they have been good years. I wouldn't trade any of them. Sure have had our ups and downs during these years. I think our hardest trial was Stephen's heart surgery and all that has happened because of that. But I also see great blessings because of it. Blessings we never would have had without that trial. So I'm grateful for it.
When I think of how many years we have been married and of how much we still love each other, I find myself hoping that our children realize what a blessing that is to them in their lives. The fact that we, their mom and dad, have kept our committment to being married and raising a family in spite of the trials and troubles that have come and gone. And the fact that we love each other more than ever before. And that our love just keeps growing as time goes on. This is a great gift to them from us. It's a part of their legacy. It really makes me happy to see them doing the same with their marriages and to see the love they have for their wives and children. Our family is truly very, very blessed.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Check This Out!!

For all you digital scrapbookers out there or those who would like to get started...check this out! Suzy Q is a super talented designer at Scrap Orchard and her kits are so much fun to work with. Here is her blog addy: She has some new kits coming out soon and this link gives you a chance to win one of them.