Saturday, March 10, 2012



Well, we are still in a huge mess around here.  Have been painting and putting furniture together and dejunking.  I'll be soooooo glad when we are done with it all!  After tomorrow things will get some better.  Stephen R. is coming to put some wallboard up to cover the wall where the arched windows are in the north wall of Kodi's bedroom.  And he will be texturing it for us.  After it dries we will finish painting her room.  She chose a dark gray for an accent wall and a lighter gray for everything else.  Looks really nice so far.  We got her bed and two dressers set up in the last couple days.  Still have one smaller dresser to do tomorrow.  Got her big picture of the peacock put up on the wall above her bed.  It's really beautiful.  She also set up her new lamps and started working on her mirror arrangements.

Stephen has had a few days off work.  I think he has worked harder around here than if he had gone to work though.  It has not been a restful time off for him.  I so appreciate his willingness to get things in shape around our home though.  He is such a good Honey!  I could never do it all on my own.  Our waterbed dying on us began a domino effect of projects around here.  All of which have been nice to be able to do.  In spite of the work and chaos it has thrown us into!

Stephen and Kodi finally got Teddi Bear shaved and trimmed up this past week.  Her fur gets so matted and knotted up that we have to completely shave her down to nothing because you can't brush it out.  She looks like a roly-poly little rat - and I say that affectionately - running around here now.  For a dog who doesn't eat much she sure is a chubby little thing. And her legs are little toothpicks without all the fur on them.  I miss the cuteness of her furry little feet after we have to shave her and I'm always so amazed at how tiny her legs and feet really are.  Stephen always leaves her fur long on her ears and tail though.  And I love how we can see her little face.  Here are a couple of pictures of her with her new look!

Well, I hope everyone is being happy and content!  Enjoy a simple pleasure today.  Make a memory.  Give someone your smile.  And enjoy your day!