Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Checking In!

Okay! I'm checking in again to say hi and to show you more of my scrapbooking! I think summer is finally winding down. Yay hurray!!! I think the monsoon storms are done, which makes me a little sad as I love them so much. I'm trying to feel like the holidays are about here. I really want to decorate big for Christmas this year. I want to be excited and feel the magic of the season in my heart.
It's only 102 this afternoon so far. I went to meet Nickie at the bus stop and just got back. There is a warm breeze blowing that feels like a nice warm, soft blanket. But the air isn't so hot that it fills your lungs with heat when you breathe. If it were just a few degrees cooler it would be perfect. But I'm not complaining. It's so much nicer than the hotter parts of summer/fall.
Work is slow again. Stephen has missed a day and a half off this next payday. That isn't a good thing. But I sure loved having him at home with me! We are kind of worried about what is going to happen with his job. There isn't much work from now til the end of this year and with the economy doing it's insecure thing right now, we are very concerned.
Okay!! Grandma and Grandpa got treats!!!!! Will be sending them soon!
Here are some of my latest scrapbooking efforts:
Ruins at Canyon De Chelly (Canyon day shay)

The London Bridge at Lake Havasu, Arizona

This is the Place Monument in Salt Lake City

Papa Santa


Ky, Stephen R., Chris & Chad


And I guess that's it for now. Take the time to enjoy the Simple Pleasures before today is over! My list:

That soft, warm late summer breeze that feels like a blanket

Kitties who come running for attention - even though they aren't ours

Eating a crispy apple

Hearing my Honey's voice on the phone at noon

Wonderful cold ice water!

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