Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cydney's Blessing Day!

Today was a lovely day for a Blessing Day! Heather's family was all there and Stephen R. and Karma and their kids and Stephen, Kodi and I. Chad did a nice job on the blessing. And he was just grinning from ear to ear when he held Cydney up to show her off. Here are some photos. Kodi took all of them. This first one she took and made into this screen saver and surprised me with it. I think it's beautiful. Stephen and Cydney:

Of course she looked just beautiful in her white dress and so cute with her big bow. Heather made the little bracelet and her sister pierced Cydney's ears.

This next photo was taken a few weeks ago when Coltin received the Priesthood. Stevie had received it just a couple weeks or so before that. So we got them all together for a special photo of the newest Priesthood holders in the family.

More Cydney pics!

Who do you think she looks like?

Now to gross everyone out. Remember I told you Stephen was trying to keep up with the boys and their injuries? Well, here is the drill injury he got. You can see where the scrape began and then the bit went into his arm. It went under the skin as far as his finger there. It's still a little sore and is hard to the touch but he is doing okay. A day or so after this injury he was using the cutoff saw at work to cut some aluminum and it caught and took three big chunks of meat off the thumb of that same hand. So he was REALLY sore for a while!

Simple Pleasures for today:

1. The ride out to Queen Creek and seeing all the beautiful cloud formations.

2. Watching the rain coming down from some of those clouds. I'm sure it never reached the ground, but you could see that it was raining from them. The gray streaks coming down from them.

3. Getting to see all the family - the few of us who live here! I so miss the rest of you.

4. A sweet hug from our Lissie.

5. Watching Coltin pass the sacrament.

6. Visiting with Melany.

7. Having Frankie be so happy to have us back home again.

Have a great evening!

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