Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wow!  I can't believe it has been over a year since I last wrote.  Now here it is Christmas 2011!  Didn't we just have Christmas a few weeks ago??????  I think time flies faster when you get older.  Sure seems that way.

I have mixed emotions as we get ready to say goodbye to 2011.  There have been exciting things happening in our family.  But there have also been some pretty tough things, too.  Like saying goodbye to a new little Grandbaby who would have joined our family in time for this Christmas but didn't quite make it.  We love him though, and know that a loving Heavenly Father took him back home because for some reason he just couldn't have survived and been healthy and strong at this time.  And we are looking forward to another new Grandbaby due to arrive around June sometime.  I call that "joy to temper the sorrow".

We also had to make the difficult decision to put our Frankie to sleep in July.  The decision to do so still haunts my heart.  But he had cancer in his leg and we managed his pain until the medications quit helping and then we let him go.  We miss him.     

Among the good things:  Kodi has finished her first semester of college.  She has loved her graphics class and was chosen to be a participant in the 2012 Art Show this coming spring.  It is quite an honor to be able to do this as only a few are chosen from each teacher's classes.  She was one of four chosen by her teacher and will be entering as an emerging artist.  We need to get her art piece professionally printed up and matted but we have until April to do that.  We are excited and very proud of her.  She also LOVED her Latin class and has done very well in it.  She takes her finals for that this next week and then she will be out of school until January.  YAY!!

It has been nice and COLD here the past couple weeks or so.  We've had some rain.  And snow in the north end of the Valley and on the mountains.  More rain is coming next week.  I just hope we really get it.

We are pretty much ready for Christmas.  Kodi and I decorated our tree with blue and silver ornaments and it looks beautiful.  We've never done a blue theme.  We used blue and white twinkle lights and I'm loving it.

And on that happy note I will end this entry.  I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Calico said...

I can sure tell that Frankie was a special pup with such a sweet, sweet face!! I'm sure he is having a ball and has possibly met up with Kayla and Candy at the Rainbow Bridge!