Sunday, December 11, 2011

Okay.  Writing two days in a row here!!  Shock-ed and amaze-ed!!  But what can I say?  I downloaded all the photos from my camera this evening and had to share these of our Teddi Bear going for a ride down to MCC with Kodi and I the other morning.  She LOVES going for rides with us!  And she especially loves having the windows down just enough to get some good air going on her little face.  She goes from one side of the car to the other looking out the windows and pit stops between the front seats to look out the windshield.  It's so fun.  In these photos we have that back window down just three or four inches.  And she is loving it.

Notice the fur plastered back on her face!  So funny and sooooo cute!!

And.....we went to see the lights at the Temple this evening.  They are always soooo beautiful!  This year they have put the stage out in front of the Visitor's Center and have chairs set up on the front lawn for the evening performances.  I really like that!  They should have done that years ago.  Now the main pool area is free for just walking around and enjoying the main part of the gardens.  It's so much nicer this way.  Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took with my little camera.  Hope you enjoy them.  This first one is of the main pool area in the garden.

I loved how all the palm trees looked against the dark sky tonight.  

I didn't realize there were autumn colored leaves on this plant until my camera flash lit it up.
Soooooo pretty!!

This area was just glowing with green, purple, blue and a few whitish colored lights.  The color combination was so pretty.  The flash from the camera kind of took the glow away.  But I still love the colors here.

And yes, those are oranges on that tree!  

The Wise Men and their camels on the front lawn of the Temple Grounds.

The star above the Nativity Scene on the east side of the garden area.  White lights this year and so pretty.

And that's it for tonight!  Everyone take care.

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