Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!!

Hello All! I'm BACK!!!! After being without my computer for two whole weeks the Geek Squad finally got it fixed for me. Thank goodness we had purchased the 3 year in home warranty on it. The parts alone would have cost us over $700 and my computer is only 14 months old! They had to replace the motherboard as well as several other major parts. So I pretty much have an almost brand new computer. The first few days were pretty rough not having my computer. Plus I was out of my favorite chocolate. Very cruel and unusual punishment!! But by the end of the first week I found that life continues on - computer or no computer and that I do enjoy my other hobbies!! I did a bunch of crocheting and made little cradle purses for the four youngest granddaughters. Just have the little dolls to make for them now and a tiny blanket for each one.
Here are some new layouts. I'm only showing the 12 x 12 size ones this time. The first few are of my sister LeAnn's mission and homecoming from New Zealand. We TP'd Mom and Dad's house to welcome her home. Don't you think we did a GREAT job?

This is how we greeted her at the airport. All the kids wore piggy noses and ears and we all had pink balloons. Fun!! Stephen R. was such a good sport about wearing the piggy things.

This is when she was in New Zealand:

More at the airport photos:

Sweet Nessa Bug! She is getting so grown up.

Teryaki, Sukyaki and Shaneyaki - Shane's missionary friends who came for his wedding, and Chad, who was his Best Man:

It's getting HOT here. We are supposed to be 90 degrees before this week is over. Not good at all. Summer is coming too fast.
Stephen's work is going back to 4 day work weeks starting Monday. That isn't good either. But we managed to survive last time. Hopefully it won't go on for months and months like before. We just got a bunch of year's supply and I'm really thankful we have it. That will help us a lot.
Everyone take care. Look for those simple pleasures that are all around us. They can bring a smile to your face and sunshine to your day.

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