Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Wednesday Evening!!

Hi All! And Happy Wednesday Evening!! Stephen is out doing missionary work so I'm catching up on some of my scrapbooking assignments and putting them on my blog.
Stephen bought me a digital camera!! I'm so excited to have my own now. I don't have to get Kodi to take all my photos for me or borrow her camera anymore. It's sooooo nice!! I've been having fun with it and learning how everything works on it.
First up - Pics of our March Tree!! We did shamrocks and cream colored daisies. The ribbons are green, blue and white stripe. It surprised me how great they looked with the color scheme. I found the shamrocks at Joann's. They are layered wood with glitter on them. I fell in love with them.

Close up of the decorations:

Now for scrapbooking! These first two are made using the kit Love's Dangers by Laitha at SAS:

These next two layouts are made with the kit Sweet Sunshine by Mitsybelle at SAS:

These next two are made using the kit Wildflowers by Designs by Terrells:

And these last two are made using Monika Designs' Herbal Essences:

Simple Pleasures:

  • Our carpenter bees are very busy lately. The other day there were about 10 of them all buzzing around the front door area. They scare anyone who comes to see us. That part isn't good. But I love having them around. I'm not afraid of them. They don't sting unless someone aggrevates them.
  • Frankie got shaved for the summer and he looks like a totally different dog!
  • Tomorrow night we go to the park for Kiley's birthday. Sherri and the kids are down here for their Spring Break.
  • Chris did great on his written test for Border Patrol. He got 85% and now he is preparing for the oral exam on the 31st.
  • After several days of temps up around 90 degrees, it has cooled down again and I'm loving that.

And that's about it for this time. Take care!

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Daze of our lives said...

i love seeing your tree all decorated for every month! i remember how much you hated taking it down after christmas. .now you don't have too! lol
enjoy the warmth! we are getting snow today. take care, heidi