Saturday, October 18, 2008

What A Day!!

What a day! We found water coming through the wall between the laundry room and the kitchen. So Stephen cut the wallboard out and sure enough our hot water pipe was leaking. So it was a trip to Home Depot for repair supplies and a mess to clean up at home. But Stephen got it all fixed and it looks like it's going to be okay. Have to patch the wall now. And I didn't get the laundry done like I had planned to do.
We welcomed our 23rd Grandbaby into our lives early Wednesday morning. The kids named her Kayta-Kaili Normadean. (Kay-tah Kay-ee-lee) the Normadean is for Melany's grandma and my Mom. Quite a long name for such a little one. Here are her first pics. She's just a few hours old in them.

Precious, huh?

And here are some of my latest digiscraping efforts:

Let's see.....Simple Pleasures:

  • Having a beautiful new Grandbaby and all being well with Mom and Baby!
  • Austin being advanced to the office of a Teacher tomorrow morning!
  • Having a few days of cooler weather - like down in the 70's kind of weather!! - even if it did go back up into the 90's again!
  • Still having cool mornings and evenings even if it does get above 90 by noon or so! At least we get a bit of cool to temper it.
  • Seeing snow pics from Logan!
  • Getting to buy the book "Eclipse" so that I can finish reading the Twilight series now - YES!!
  • Having sweet, juicy apples to eat - yes, I'm still on an apple eating kick.
  • Having Colebe say that he thinks he will keep his new baby sister - FOREVER!


I have to share this: Last Sunday when we were out to Chad and Heather's for Stephen's birthday dinner, I was holding little Cydney. She spit up on her hand and Michael was standing there by me. He said, "She's leaking." I had to chuckle over that.


Well, I hope everyone has a happy Sunday. We will be going out to Queen Creek to share Austin's special event with him and to visit with everyone. Take care and be sure to look for those Simple Pleasures!!

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