Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Almost Friday!!

I'm back!!! And I have more layouts to show you. But first of all - Stephen had a nice birthday. He took some of his sweet rolls to work to share with the guys who were there and someone left a big baggie of pecans in their shells on top of his lunch box - he loves pecans and was happy to get them. We had ham and baked potatoes for dinner so that was yummy, too. I didn't make him his apple pie yet. I got to looking around and we had homemade cake from the other day still sitting here, cup cakes from a lady we home teach - she brought them to Stephen for his birthday - plus we had cookies from a couple days ago and then the sweet rolls! So we decided to hold off on the pie until this weekend. : ) And we have ice cream ready to go with it.
Wow! We have a whole 10% chance for rain over the weekend. And the wind is coming in starting tomorrow. We are supposed to be 74 - 79 degrees for our high on Saturday!! It's 95 today so far so that is quite a drop. I have given in and turned the air back on for a while this afternoon. It will be soooooo welcome to get the temps down this weekend. 70's are just right for me. And after that it will go back up into the 80's and 90's.
Don't know if Stephen will have work all day today. And he didn't know about tomorrow yet. I kind of hope he gets to stay home, even though that will be hard on the paycheck. We'll survive it. Just have to tighten our belts. I so love having him home though. If he has the day off we'll go see about retirement for him. I hate going to the Social Security offices. It's such an intimidating place to be. And things are hard to understand. So many rules and regulations just to get the money we have coming to us for retirement. He really needs to be able to retire though. It's getting to where it just needs to happen. It's time. But we also have to be able to survive on whatever he gets paid. Don't know if we can do that just yet.
Okay! Here are the new layouts! I've enjoyed doing them. Again, there is an 8.5 x 11 and then a 12 x 12. I really love the way the smaller layouts turn out with the added trims and papers at the top and bottom. This first one is a redo. I love how it turned out.
Austin holding the sun - don't you just LOVE these yummy blues!!!:

Kodi and Zack scattering Reindeer Feed - Christmas in Indy:

Frankenstein's Bride - Kodi - Love all the leaves and swirlies on this one!:

Another redo - Kodi:

And that's about it. Simple Pleasures for today:

  • The ac back on for a little while.
  • Being able to open doors and windows when the ac isn't on!
  • The smell of fresh air earlier this morning - YUM!
  • The thoughts of a very cool Saturday coming!!
  • Lawn day today! That means the fragrance of fresh cut grass to enjoy!!

Hope everyone has a great rest of their day!

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