Friday, February 3, 2012


This is NOT fun!  I can't sleep again tonight and I'm tired.  I went to bed just before midnight and tossed and turned for almost an hour.  I told myself to relax and tried to do that.  I told myself to quit thinking and tried to clear my mind out.  Nothing worked!!  I am so envious of my Stephen who is asleep almost before his head hits the pillow.  I lay there listening to him sleep soundly while I watch the numbers change on the clock.  NOT FUN!!

So now I'm up.  Just took two Melatonin to see if they will help.  And I read my scriptures for a little bit.  I'm tired.  I just can't sleep.

Today I got up and did dishes and got the laundry going first thing.  And then I started dejunking my desk area.  I got rid of all the colored paper, stickers, markers and colored pencils, coloring books and crayons, stencils.  Took a big box of it over to our new neighbor for her girls to use.  I think they will have a lot of fun with it all.  I used to use those things all the time.  But my crafting needs have changed and I'm tired of having all that taking up valuable space.  Now I need to reorganize the shelves all of that came out of.  

My body feels like there is a storm coming or something.  My arms and legs hurt and ache.  My knees, my elbows.  And my hands are not feeling all that great either.  I think we are supposed to get some wind and clouds, but no rain.  So I must just be having arthritis pain from my busy day.  But I'm so satisfied with all I did that it's okay.

I found a bunch of photos in a box when I was going through things.  Fun stuff!  Kaitlyn was just a baby in them.  And all the kids were so little.  Brought back memories to look at them.  I need to do a few scrapbook pages on some of them.  Like the one of Rylin with the seat of his pant totally black with mountain dirt.  I have another pic somewhere of the little boys blowing bubbles into a hole they had dug on that camping trip.  They had totally filled the hole up with them.  And then there were the pics of Chad and Heather's kids riding their little cycles.  I really need to get busy scrapbooking!!

I did get a layout done this week.  I scrap lifted it from a gal on Scrapgirls.  And I'm real pleased with how it turned out.  Took me hours to do.  Here it is.

I didn't have a template or anything to work with on this one so it took a long time to get everything just right.  I had to get a couple template kits to make the shapes I needed and everything.  And of course, the kit with all the papers and elements in it.  Fun stuff to add to my stash!!

I got all my purchases burned on to DVD's this past week too.  That was a big job.  I had four DVD's that I thought were burned and they weren't so I had to redo them also.  Plus months of stuff I had sitting in the burn folder waiting for me to get to.  I really need to stay on top of that better!

We had fun playing games with Stephen R. and Karma and the kids last Saturday night.  They came and had dinner with us and we watched a movie and then played games.  We enjoyed having them all here.  Should do that more often!

Hope everyone is doing okay!  Be sure to take some time to enjoy the simple pleasures as you go about your day.  They make a day much nicer!

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