Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well! It's about time I got back here to do some blogging! There I left you all hanging over my baby's 21'st birthday. So it's about time I caught you up on what we did.

Stephen went out and got Kodi a maple frosted donut on his way to work the day before her birthday. And that night - just in time for her 2:13 AM real birthday time - she was born at 2:13 AM on 2/13 - we lit a tea candle and put it in the middle of the donut and went into her room and sang Happy Birthday to her! Then we made her eat her treat before she could go back to sleep. It was really fun and I think she loved it. And of course I made her her favorite Jello dessert that takes about 6 hours to make. And she loved that too. Then her brothers and sister's-in-law gave her another party with a cake and candles and everything when we went out to Stephen R. and Karma's house for dinner that weekend. So it was good.

Here is a layout I did using the photos we took at 2:13 AM.

Stephen got the living room ceiling all painted. I'm so glad that part of the paint job is done. AND that he did it while I was asleep. I was so worried about him being up high on a ladder trying to do it

And we bought two new fans for the living room and dining room. They match except for the blades on the dining room one are a few inches shorter than the living room ones. I really love them - the fans - not just the blades. And the best part is that the lights in the dining room one WORK!!! They stay ON!! No more on and off stuff with the vibration of the fan! No more scary popping noises! No more being afraid to try to change the light bulbs and having them break off in the socket!! No more jiggling with vibrations til you think it's going to fly apart and demolish the room and everything in it!! It's really great!!! Sure was an adventure getting the living room one up though. Stephen was standing on the top of the six foot ladder trying to reach high enough to install it. I almost couldn't watch! But we got it done without any mishaps.

AND we finally got the carpet all cleaned. AND a new leather sectional couch!! YAY!! We are loving that! The sections on each end are recliners. Soooooo nice!! They are kind of a golden brown in color with a slight reddish tone mixed in there somewhere. I need to take a photo of it and scrapbook it, don't I? That and the fans. Yes. I do!!

And I'd tell you the story behind finally getting the carpets cleaned and buying a new couch, but it involves a tiny dog getting scared out of her wits by a visitor to our home. And she jumped up on the back of the couch and ran across the tops of the cushions pee-ing all the way. Drip, drip, drip. Poor puppy. So scared. I didn't have the heart to scold her. And the cushions didn't have removable covers so that I could wash them. So we turned them over to the clean side and when Stephen came home from work I said... I've made a decision. And I need to tell you about it. I can't stand this any longer! So!! We are getting the carpets cleaned and we are going out to buy a new couch! And we did!! Ooops! I just told you the story. Oh, well. Now you know. And it isn't like we didn't need a new couch. We were sitting on it one one was jumping on it or anything...I promise!...we were just sitting there and CRUNCH! And the couch dropped a little to the floor. The front of the frame broke in two!! AND being a denim couch it was all faded and looking beyond awful. So what can I say. It definitely had died on us. The pee job was just the final straw. Thank you, Teddi Bear!! : )

Stephen's work has been keeping him real busy the past month. I think they have forgotten he is retired and only working part time. I really love having him home and don't like it when he has to work so many days in a row. And it's sooooooo nice to be able to just say...ask them for Thursday and Friday off so we can have a four day weekend! And he can do that and it doesn't hurt us.

He was able to take a four dayer last weekend when our Shane was here and we really enjoyed having Thursday afternoon with him. We played Phase 10 a good part of the afternoon and had ham and baked potatoes for dinner and then Stephen and Kodi ran him to the airport. There is nothing like having family for company, good visiting, fun games to play, and great food to eat, is there?!!

Have been working hard on my scrapbooking. So here are a BUNCH of new layouts that I've finished over the past few weeks. I've also thrown in some older ones. But a lot of these photos are from Tyler's baptism day and the family activities when Hope was there in July. Remember...if you click on the layout it will bring it up bigger for you. Enjoy!

Aunt Hopie...the Fairy Godmother of the Little People.

This layout was chosen as Layout Of The Week this week at one of my scrapbooking sites!

I love this series of photos. I actually made two pages but put them together for a double layout challenge. So if you divide it down the middle you'll know what the two pages look like. Love how this one turned out.

Hope sent me these next two photos on the computer. I saw Tristin's first and when I clicked for the next photo and it was Cydney with this look on her face I just burst out laughing!! Priceless photos of both kids. And it made Grandma's day!

HAD to get that blue tongue in there on a layout! Too funny.

Love, love, love this photo! So precious!!

I got a lot of comments on this layout. Everyone loved it.

Well, those photos should bring back a few good memories and some laughs too. Hope you enjoyed them. Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. And if you look for them, you'll be amazed at how many come across your path each day. Bye for now!

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