Friday, February 12, 2010

My Baby Is Turning 21!!

WHOA!! Can you believe that? My baby will be 21 years old in less than three hours!! And I never wanted her to grow up! I wanted her to stay little forever!! But life had different plans and now she is a beautiful young woman. seems like just yesterday that we welcomed her into our lives. Such a precious little bundle of delight. Our first girl after five boys.
On her blessing day. She is wearing my blessing dress and using my pink shawl from my own blessing day.
Her first car!! Designed by her wonderful brothers!! It came with a sun roof and a squeeky toy hood ornament. Plenty of horse power in the engine.....better known as big brothers pulling her around the house in it. What more could a girl ask for!!
I have been scrapbooking again. Here are a few of my latest pages.

Stephen and I are going to wake Kodi up at 2:13 in the morning to start her birthday off right on time. That was what time she was born. ON 2/13 AT 2:13 AM. It's such a special birthday that I decided to carry through with my years' long threats of doing this. I didn't tell her we were going to do it this year though. She always says she doesn't want me to wake her up 'cause she is too tired. Anyway, Stephen went to Bashas' early this morning and got her some of her favorite donuts.....maple frosted raised. She doesn't know we have them. I'm going to put a candle on one and we'll light it and go in and sing to 2:13 AM. Fun, huh? :) I also made her some of the Value Jello dessert that they made for the Young Women's New Beginnings one year. She loves it and always asks for it for her birthday. It's the only time I make it because it takes at least 6 hours to make! Very easy to do but very time consuming.
Tomorrow we will go out to Queen Creek for Kodi's party and dinner with Stephen R. and Chris and their families. We were going to have it here at our place but Stephen R. called today and invited us to have it out there as they have a lot more room than we do and the kids have space to play. So we will do that.
Anyway, that's about it with us right now. Hope everyone has a great day! Look for the simple pleasures and be grateful for them!

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