Friday, July 24, 2009

We Are Painting!!!

Boy, it's about time I got back on here to let you know what we are doing around here! We are painting!!! So far the living room now has green walls with blue above the plant shelves and it looks sooooooo yummy! I absolutely LOVE the green!! It does make the room darker but I don't mind that a bit. Just means we have to open the shades. And the blue looks really pretty above the plant shelves. I'm very pleased with the colors we chose. Still have to do the tan on the stairway walls. And the trim paint isn't on yet. It's going to take a while to get it all done. But that's okay. We are taking a break this weekend.
So, here are some pics of what we have done so far. Stephen and I got the things back up on the plant shelves and I love them so much. There was plenty of room for my birdhouses as well as a lot of my Americana stuff. So I'm excited about how it looks.
This first pic was taken on green paint day. That's Chris resting. He really worked hard for us and we appreciated his help. And Melany made me a 5 gallon bucket full of homemade laundry soap while they were here that day. I LOVE it!! Just pennies per wash load.

Whatever light is in the room makes a difference in how light or dark the colors of the walls are. I love it!

My Americana throw pillows look more country with the green walls. I was a little concerned about how the red, white and blues would look with the green but I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. It's a warm country look now.

I even got my round wooden cheese boxes that I found at a carport sale years ago up on the plant shelf there! I'm excited to finally have a place to show them off at.

The tall birdhouses look really neat up there, don't you think? And the one off by itself is a plant stand my Great Grandpa made. It is holding a birdhouse made out of old wood from a barn back in Indiana. Hope found that for me when she lived back there.
And look how pretty our clock looks on that green wall. The dove cote looks pretty on it too.

And that's what we have been doing! Plus keeping busy at Church. I taught the Family History class last week and will be doing it again this week and next week. I'm loving that. And I'm still reading a lot. Found a new writer that I like. Lynn N. Austin - she is really a good writer. I haven't been doing much scrapbooking lately.
Stephen and I went to The Crackerbarrel for dinner this evening. Just the two of us and it was so nice to have a real date!! We did part of our grocery shopping afterward. That will free up a little time tomorrow.
Take care, Everyone! Look for the simple pleasures in your day!


Sherah Kraan said...

Hi Jan! I LOVE the new wall colors and it's great to see all that Americana decor of yours! brings back memories of creating 'your' kit! :-) speaking of, here is a link to some more blog-wear made with your kit too! ((HUGS))

Sherah Kraan said...

woohoo! looks great over here! :-) :-) I would love to have the recipe and instructions for that homemade laundry soap, sounds like it would be a big money saver in our household! :-) ((hugs))

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love the shelving up there and how you painted it blue! Super cute!