Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!

Hi All and Happy Tuesday!! Today will be busy as the Missionaries are coming for dinner this evening and we have to get ready for them to come. I already have the meat in the crockpot. Just have to decide what else to serve with it.
Have a couple scrapbook layouts to show you. Actually, I have more than that but I'll only bore you with two of them.

Thought this one turned out good. A mother's nightmare to be sure though!

And a new pic of Teddy Bear. She is such a cutie! Took this pic just yesterday. Isn't she tiny and sweet?

Pics from our evening with Hope and Jim, Kathy and Phil and Cade and Melissa. We had a nice time with them.

And pics of the remodel in our living room! I'm loving the new plant shelf. Haven't put anything on the new part of it yet. We are hoping to paint soon. Finally got the colors picked out. Just need to get the paint and put it on the walls. Anyone want to come help?????
The guys cut a hole in the slanted part of the ceiling and put the shelf inside of it to help brace it up and make it more weight bearing.
I love how they finished this off. Looks pretty cool!

And look at that smooth curve in the corner!! The guys really worked hard on this and it took them most of the day to get it all finished up. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks, Guys!!

We washed all of the plants and birdhouses off while the shelf was going up. But we haven't arranged them just how we want them yet as we will just have to redo it when we get done painting. So things aren't arranged up there yet. We just put everything up on the shelf to get it out of the way for now.

Life is good! Hope you all have a great day!!

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