Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kodi!! And Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well, it's Kodi's 20th birthday today - for about 45 more minutes. Our day before Valentine's baby. She has had a fun day today. I made her the layered Jello dessert she likes so much. The one that takes about 7 hours to make. It turned out good like always. And I made homemade pizza for her birthday dinner. She got phone calls from Shey, Stephen R. and Chris and his kids, and was tickled to hear from them. She also got a big surprise when her friend Shealynn showed up on our doorstep this afternoon ready to spend the weekend with her. We got Kodi good on that one!! It was delightful. She just stood there repeating the same thing over and over like she couldn't believe Shealynn was really there. It has been a very giggly afternoon with these two girls!
Kodi on her birthday --

Shealynn --


Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there. I hope you get to do something special with your families. Our day will be quiet. Stephen is going with the missionaries in the morning to help teach a lesson to a young lady who is being baptized next week. And Kodi has a party tomorrow night with the group of kids from her Ward that she had a party with a couple weeks ago. So that will be fun for her and Shealynn.

The weather has been cool again. Four Peaks has had snow on them. The other day it was so cold when I walked Nikki out to catch her bus for school. Kind of a different kind of cold than we usually have. It was almost unbearable by the time I got back in the house. Weird. And we have had more rain which has been really nice. There is a chance for more tomorrow and over the next few days.

Now, on to some digital scrapbooking layouts. I'm really pleased with how these turned out. This first one was for a challenge on SAS. I wrote about how when I was little I had a great love for books. If Santa brought me new books for Christmas my Mom and Dad had to hide them from me until I had seen all the other gifts because once I saw the books, that was all I needed.

Me and my Honey! Photo from wwaaaaayyyyy back when! Our looks have changed over the years, but we still love each other. And that will never change! I hope my children know how blessed THEY are that their parents will love each other forever and ever!

This one is from my childhood. It's my Dad standing by our car. We lived in Pedro Point, California at the time and I was only four or five years old when this was taken. I remember this house and the store next door. A little Russian lady named Vera owned it and she was always so nice to us.

My Sweetheart!

These next ones were done using Piggy Scraps kit Happy Chocolate. You can get it at SAS. I used a photo from the Internet - the one with the little critters here. The other photo is Frankie.

And speaking of the birthday girl, here are her first photos with her brothers. The photo of Stephen R. holding her was taken at the airport the day he came home from his mission. She was almost two years old before we got her first picture with him. The boys were so excited to come hold Kodi at the hospital. I couldn't believe how willingly and quickly they washed their hands and put on those yellow gowns so they could be near her! The kit I used to do these photos is called Cupcakes and Fairies by Kristi Westling at SAS.

Aunt Hopie and Uncle Jim sent us a package with things that a little girl doesn't need but just has to have. The little headband is from that package. I used Cupcakes and Fairies for these layouts also. I love the colors and the alpha.

On to Easter Saturday 1982! I used Kristi Westling's kit Some Bunny Loves You for these layouts. The first small photo at the top of this page is Grandma Merkley swinging at the baseball! Do you guys remember this ball game out on the desert?

Chris and Ben showing off the Easter eggs.

And that's it for this time. Have a great weekend!!

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