Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day In Arizona

Another hot summer day in Arizona here. It's about 104 at the moment. Not too bad considering how hot we have been so far this year. Plus the humidity is lower today. Wish it would rain again though. We need more rain!
Today has been okay. Kodi babysat from 5:30 AM til 2:30 PM. The little girl she tends can be soooooooooo busy. She keeps both of us hopping at times. And she can be so "bored" and not wanting to do anything. I had to tell her today that she has a job to do when she is here with us. It's her job to not be bored. To choose to do the fun things we have for her to do. And that if she does choose to be bored, then that is her choice. That Kodi doesn't have to do things with her every minute that she is here. And I lined up all her choices for her to see on a table and pointed out several other things to do for her to choose from. Things went better after that. It's nice to be able to tend her, but it's nice to send her home with her mom some days too. LOL
Okay! Scrapbooking!! Here are a few of my latest layouts. I had them on here before I redid my blog, so I'm just adding them on again. If you click on the layout it will bring it up bigger so you can read what is on it easier.
Kodi and Shey at the fireworks.


Kyran's Blessing Day when all the family came up to Show Low.

My Dad and Kyran on Kyran's Blessing Day. This was right before my Dad's surgery when the drs thought he had cancer. He was always tired during that time and he fell asleep holding Ky.


This is a layout I did a while back. Stephen R. and Shane dressed up. This was at Kathy's house.

Kodi took this photo of Chris when we were at the cemetery for Uncle Jack's funeral. I just LOVE this pic of him. Don't know if he even knew she took it.

I used to live in that little beach community in the photo on the bottom of this layout. Played on that beach, too! That's Pedro Point, California.

I LOVE California Poppies!!

This is one of my favorite recent layouts. It's Kyran. I did it for a challenge. We had to draw a sun for our page. I thought mine turned out pretty good. A little cheesy. But, hey! Not bad for a first try!

Chris licking the beaters. Cute, cute!

Jake, Kyran and Chris - Cousins!

Chris and his dimples.

Stephen when he had his moustache. Love this photo!

And I guess that's it for today. Will post more later! Have a great day and be sure to enjoy the simple pleasures that are all around you!

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