Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost June?????

It's almost June????? What happened to May? And April?? And March and February and January????? I'm tellin' ya....time is passing wwaaaayyyyyy too fast for me!! Christmas is now only 211 days, 4 hours and 52 minutes away and the seconds are just a tickin' away on my Christmas clock.
We have a new member of the family! Her name is Teddy and she is a 6 month old puppy who is as cute as she can be. She is a mix of Chinese Crescent and Boston Terrier and is a little feather weight compared to Frankie. We've had her about a week now. She has been an outside dog so we are having to house break her. Our bottle of OdorBan is being put to good use and we are all trying to learn her signals. We've had to jump and run a few times to avoid little disasters. But she is learning and so are we.
We've also had to replace about $25 worth of electronics this past week due to puppy mischief. The first item to bite the dust .... or should I say got puppy chewed ..... was Kodi's earphones to her MP3 player. She was not a happy camper about that. I just told her it was nice she had her babysitting money to buy new ones with. And then Kodi and Shea were upstairs playing games on the computer and Teddy snuck up and got the WII sensor part of the WII and chewed it up too! Right out from under their noses! She just chewed the wires right off of it! I had a good laugh over that one. Kodi said it wasn't funny. But I thought it was! She banished Teddy and her little pillow bed to the landing and shut the bedroom door! How RUDE!!!
Such is life when there is a puppy around.
Getting a little cage for Teddy is sounding better and better to me all the time. I wanted one from the first day. In fact, it was one of the things I said we had to get if we were going to get another puppy, but Stephen hasn't wanted to get one very bad. But he may want to after he gets home from doing his missionary work tonight. Teddy peed on the couch right where Stephen likes to sit! ..... He, he, he, he, he !!!!!!!! ..... Kodi cleaned it up but we ended up taking the covers off the cushions and they are now being washed in the washer. But I don't know what to do about the foam rubber!! I'm going to let Stephen worry about that part of the clean up job!
We bought Teddy the nicest little pillow bed for her to sleep in and she peed in it this morning. So I'm having to wash that already. She hardly ever sleeps in it. She likes to lay under Kodi's desk with her little head and paws on the side of her little bed. So it is being used some. But her favorite place to sleep is up on Kodi's bed curled up next to Kodi.
Here are some pics of Teddy and Frankie. So far they are not wanting to get too close to each other but it is very slowly changing. The first pic was taken on the day Teddy came to our house. That's Kodi and Shea with the dogs. Shea has been staying with us for a few days. It has been non stop laughter and visiting since she arrived. You'd think these girls would run out of things to say!


Well, I turn 60 in three more days! That used to be soooooo old. But then there was a time in my life when 20 was old too. LOL !!! Here is a layout I did in honor of my turning 60. I'm determined that it will be a great birthday!

I resigned from being on the Creative Team at SAS. Family History is calling me big time so I decided I needed to give up the CTing for a while. It has been hard to give it up though and so far it's like I still can't let go of it all the way. But I'm getting there. I have continued working on my own personal layouts for my memory books though so here are some of my latest layouts.

We went over to Chris and Melany's a couple Sunday's ago to play games and visit. I took all of these photos while we were there. I found it quite interesting how all activity came to a stand still as all of us gathered around the table to watch little Kayta eat her dinner. And you know how people do with their faces when they watch a baby eat - all the facial movements as we "help" the food go into the mouth and not all over the face of the was really a fun "everyday" moment to capture in photos. And it was fun to make a layout about it. Like my journaling says: What is it about a baby that is so magical that a whole family will gather around just to watch it eat?

I love this photo of Menessa kissing Kayta. This little baby is soooooo loved by her family. It's just incredible to watch. Such a joy to see.

More layouts:

This is Stephen R. as a baby:

Our Year Round Christmas Tree - It's all decorated with flags, white daisies and red and white polka dot bows now and looks very Patriotic. We'll leave it decorated that way until at least August, maybe September. Then I'll decorate it for the Autumn months.

These next two layouts are a two pager about Stephen R. getting to go to the High On The Mountain Top Scout Camp. That was such a neat experience for all of us. Click on the layout so it will bring it up closer for you and you can read about the spiritual experience they had while there.

And that's all my layouts for now. I'm still working on more though.
It has been hot here. We hit 107 a week or so ago. Had a few drops of rain but not much. So it was a little humid. We just stay inside where it's cool and nice. Our AC bill is going to be HIGH this time and I'm dreading that. I really believe summer is here too soon again this year.
Hope everyone is doing well. Take a moment to reflect on the simple pleasures in your life. And enjoy the special little moments that come along.

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