Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Thursday!!

Hi All! And Happy Thursday to you! Can you believe Spring is here and it's Easter on Sunday? Hard to believe. Christmas is only 8 months away. 259 Days, 10 Hours, 20 Minutes and 40, make that 24...23....22....21...20....... Oh, well, you get the idea here. Time is hurrying on and Christmas will be here before we realize the year is gone!
Things are really good here in our part of the world. It got up to 90 degrees a couple days ago but has cooled back down again. It has been pretty windy off and on, too.
Last night I heard police cars going somewhere in our neighborhood. Sirens, the works. About 15 minutes later I heard five very loud gunshots. And then a few minutes after that the police helicopter was buzzing around. Haven't heard what was going on but it makes me a little nervous about this neighborhood. It isn't as safe as it was 10 years ago when we moved here. Sure wish we could get into a normal neighborhood, in a house with a yard for Frankie so he can run, and where we can have a garden. Maybe some day?????
Stephen is still on 4 day work weeks. He had part of Tuesday off and all day yesterday. But they have work for him today and hopefully tomorrow. We are hoping this doesn't go on for very long. But we are afraid it's a sign of the times with the economy and that it may not go away for a while. I so love having him home with me though.
Exciting news!!! Chad and Heather just let everyone know that they are expecting another new little one come October!! This will be number 8 for them. They have 6 boys and just got their first girl last July. I'm hoping this will be another little girl for them.
And Little Ky is getting baptized on Saturday!! Yay, Little Ky! We are so pleased with his decision to be baptized.
Exciting news - for me - I got an invitation to be on another CT! It blew me away. So now I'm on two teams. I hadn't planned it that way. Everyone thought that SAS was going under and a lot of the designers and CT members left. I stuck around. And when nothing seemed to be going better I went ahead and accepted this new invitation. Minutes later I found out SAS was going to survive. So I'm on two CT teams. My new place is The owner there, Stella, used to be at SAS as a designer. She did a couple of their challenges and I enjoyed participating in them. That's where she saw my work and she liked it. She left SAS to start her own site. Anyway, I've been on her team for about a week now and I'm enjoying it.
Now! Here are the photos of my Spring Tree!! I made bows out of pink, lavendar, yellow, green and blue ribbon to put on it. And there are stems of purple lilacs, yellow daisies and pink carnations tucked into the branches. It's bright and pretty during the day even though all the ribbons are pastel colors. The flowers are brighter except for the pink ones. But at night when the lights are softer and low, all the colors change to shimmery pastel tones. It's really pretty at night with the softer look. So, here are the pics of the tree.

And this is our Kayta. She is the sweetest, happiest baby. Always smiling at us. I thought this photo of her was so adorable. I made this ATC for a challenge at SAS.

I did this layout for a challenge at SAS also.

This layout was done for my CT work at the Cottage. I used the kit Boyish Stuff by Mitsybell. The photo is of Chris and Ky.

This layout is done using the kit New Life. It's the new mega kit for April at the Cottage. The photo is of me and my Aunt Mary on my first Easter.

I used the kit Bella Mia by Darlene Haughin for this next one. The photo is of my Mom. I love how the colors were just right for this photo.

I hope all of you are safe and well and being happy. We have so many blessings to count even during the hard times that are happening now. Remember to look for the Simple Pleasures that are all around you. And have a GREAT DAY!!!


JanW. said...

Hi Jan :)

Stopped by to see the Spring tree and wish you a Happy Easter! Loved visiting your blog and enjoyed all of the lovely layouts here. Keep up the great work.


Elaine said...

Hi Jan
What a wonderful surprise to see that you visited my blog. I just finally got on my own blog today. I've been so busy being out of town and then this past week I had Madeline and Kimberly with me for the week.
I miss seeing you around.
Have A Great Weekend :)